One Bedroom apartments in high demand

One Bedroom apartments in high demand3 May 2019

One bedrooms in Hamilton CBD are becoming increasingly popular as the city demographics and dynamics change. Our CBD is going through a rejuvenation with a number of projects underway that are bringing people into the centre of town. We have community projects such as the river terraces where people can congregate while overlooking the river. A number of commercial buildings are undergoing renovation with large head tenants moving in once they are completed. We have the IRD, Genesis and the Waikato District council that are currently now in the CBD or will be once projects are completed, which increases the need for accommodation in the CBD.

Hamilton’s demographic has changed we are a multi cultural city now with a large population of international residents with this comes a change in how people live and what accommodation is needed. Apartment living is becoming more popular due to this shift and also due to our proximity to Auckland. We see a number of people who’s family live in Auckland but they partly based down here for their role so they rent a CBD apartment to stay in instead of a hotel. A number of young professionals also rent in the CBD for its location to work and also lack of maintenance and work required. There currently isn’t a large amount of one bedroom stock in the CBD to meet the demand of the people who want to live here. We see this trend as set to continue as our city continues to grow and redevelop and be an attractive place to live.