Does your home earn more than you do?

Does your home earn more than you do?27 Apr 2020

Re-printed from 2016 below.... What do you think the numbers are today? With property values higher now than 4 years ago, a good guess would be a lot more...

The standard Kiwi home is earning more than the average worker makes from their job in seven of the country's 12 districts.

The typical Auckland property now makes $8 a day more in capital gain than the average employee's daily wage.

The situation is worst in Waikato where the standard home earns nearly twice what most people make in their job - $219 in daily capital gain compared to $131 in median daily wages.

The typical Waikato home is earning on par with a head of department teacher with 10 years' experience, but $12,000 more than a constable with a decade on the beat, excluding superannuation.
PPTA Auckland western ward executive member Melanie Webber said Auckland was increasingly losing its best and brightest teachers to other regions because of housing affordability.

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