20% House Price Increases Tipped

20% House Price Increases Tipped17 Jun 2019

A Recent article published in Stuff tipped that housing prices were set for a 20% surge in the coming years as a number of factors converge.

One of these factors, the scrapping of a Capital Gains Tax, will see people re-enter the market after waiting for the government to make a decision on the potential tax. Low interest rates, with further rate cuts a strong possibility, along with increased immigration (bucking the forecast) and low new home building look to come together to give credibility to the recent article.

We have options for both Investors and home buyers to be able to lock in todays prices and take advantage of any gain in value while we develop their property over a 12 month period (only a 10% deposit is required and nothing more until your house is ready *** kiwisaver may be used for first home buyers too). Any gain in value is the investors / home owners. This could lead to real gains in equity for the lucky buyers.

Link: Read the article from Stuff here