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Right now, we have some great deals on new homes in multiple locations cross West Auckland and Hamilton. From very low deposit deals for First-Time-Buyers through to some great deals on investment properties.

Please fill in the below as much as you can so we can best help you. For example, write in the message box if you would like more info on a 1 or 2 bedroom townhome; if it is for your first home; if you are upgrading; or if this is for an investment property; or if you just want to be added to our mailing list.

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We have free info packs that we can email through – just let us know… and feel free to have a browse through our website too…

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We hate spam as much as everyone else. We promise not to bombard you with unwanted mail and we will never sell your information to a third party. Please fill in the Comments box with as much detailed info as you like so we can get the right information to you quickly. Thank you.