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Property is an obsession in New Zealand. People are desperate to own a piece of the 'Kiwi dream', whether it be their own home and/or an investment property or three.

The team behind Atlas Property has been involved in real estate since 2001, providing homes for over 1000 Kiwis. Seeing our clients come back time and time again for their third, fourth or fifth property is a testament to how well our system works, how high-performing our team is, how good our homes are, and the high level of trust that our clients place with us.

One of the key requirements for all our developments is that we must be able to say, with hand on heart, that we will be proud of each development, not just as soon as it is complete, but in 5, 10 and 50 years’ time. We choose traditional architecture with traditional building techniques because they have been tried and tested over decades. We choose low maintenance and a style that is timeless. We create lasting value for our clients.

And, it works... Over the past eight years, every single one of the homes in our developments have sold prior to construction being complete. That means, if you want to “wait to see once the home is finished before buying,” you will be too late – they will all be sold by then.

The locations of our developments are selected based on years of experience working with home buyers and investors to find out what is important for them. Proximity to public transport is one of our must-haves. We develop in good quality, family neighbourhoods that are in solid growth locations. And we put our money where our mouth is – we keep a number of homes in our own developments as long term investment properties. That is how much we believe in what we do.


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Our Values

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Hand on heart

We are proud of what we develop. We back our quality and standards.
We don't cut corners. As we invest in our own property, we are also our own customer


We do it right

Getting it done is important to us, so we don’t mess around. We do it right. And we treat people fairly.


Think big, act smart

We think big and we plan ahead. We consider what is needed, and we ensure we have the best information to make financially smart decisions.


Our money where our mouth is

We walk the talk.
We also invest in our own developments because we back ourselves to do a good job.


What Our Clients Say

  • As first home buyers, we weren’t sure what we could afford or even what the process was for buying a new home; but Atlas Property helped us every step of the way, and now we own our first home!Josh G
  • We didn’t know what to expect having never bought a home before, but the process was very straightforward and easy. We were also very impressed at how timeframes for completion were adhered to, we wouldn’t have been surprised if it had taken longer than expected as can often happen with building projects, but this was not the case at all – they were finished when they said they would be.Samantha M
  • I have bought multiple homes through Atlas Property. As an investor, I love the fact that their homes are very low maintenance. And I love the fact that of each, the house value has increased before I even had to settle. I highly recommend Atlas Property.Tony T
  • The layout is just like we would have loved and the finishing is exceptional. The gadgets, the products, the bathroom accessories are all quality stuff and very classy. We have been totally impressed by the little extras, an indication that lot of thought went into the build.Kevin D.
  • Exceptional! They were easily contactable, organised and flexible. It is clear that their focus is to please their purchasers – I would not hesitate in buying again through them. The home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer with little power consumption due to the insulation and double glazing.Aimee R
  • After some consultation and dotting and crossing hundreds of i's and t's, we had to put a bit of faith in the company to just do the right thing, and did they ever! We've ended up with an absolutely amazing home with high-quality fittings and are extremely happy with the service.Brent G
  • The completed property is better than what we expected at the time of signing the agreement. We are glad we made a great decision to purchase. You will get the quality, the experts’ advice and the professional service. So essentially it’s worth every single dollar you spend.Yuan Z
  • Definitely a go with them. Be honest, I concerned small section as no privacy and too small for a family. However, I totally pleased now that the little garden is no need too much gardening works at the weekend. Now we have plenty of time to do something else. If you want a house doesn't matter live themselves or investing, should go for them.Aimee C

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    Completed Developments

    The Team of Atlas Property have been involved in the following awarded developments among dozens of other townhouse and apartment developments.



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